About Us

Keith Willis Headshot


Keith is President and Founder of Core Management Training. He is Sales trainer and leadership expert and training strategist delivering learning experiences in management, leadership, and business topics.

Intrigued by how high achievers perform and the strategies used to reach their goals, Keith has invested his time and energy into understanding, and teaching these strategies.

Keith leverages his years of experience and personal performance to help a variety of clients discover unique solutions to improve their performance

Gardy Bonny Headshot


Gardy Bonny is a Master Trainer highly skilled in adult learning modalities. He has over 25 years of demonstrated expertise in a wide variety of areas such as training, leadership, innovation, critical analysis, collaboration, metrics, management development, strategic planning, communication and selling skills.

He has led projects for stakeholders, resulting in strategy implementation of US and global training change initiatives; define and direct project goals, objectives, critical success factors, milestones, and risks.

Gardy is an Award-winning public speaker recognized for creation of new training practices and is Former Member of Eastern Region American Management Association Council.

Jamie Singer


Jamie is a writer, trainer, and video producer who worked in communications for over 25 years. She has participated in the development and writing of over two hundred training projects that span all media, including print, audio, video (as a writer, producer, and director), eLearning and live training workshops.

Jamie has won over a dozen national and international awards for creative excellence in video writing and production.


Ken Sher is an Executive Coach and Career Coach with 30 years of experience at Johnson & Johnson and Bristol-Myers Squibb. He also served as Vice President, Coaching Services at the Velocity Advisory Group coaching clients in positions ranging from first-line Manager to CEO. He has had his own Executive Coaching and Career Coaching practice since 2015.

He has developed the TRUST Success Model® which, when applied to professional relationships, networking, and job searches, leads to transformational results. TRUST is not a given, it needs to be earned, nurtured, and developed over time. The good news is that it can be developed by utilizing the five areas of the TRUST Success Model to strengthen relationships between you, your contacts, your colleagues, as well as with your prospects and clients.

Are your employees disengaged?

Do you have employees who lack natural curiosity, can’t seem to think for themselves or just seem to be going through the motions? Maybe they’re disengaged?

In a recent Gallup study, “53% of workers are in the “not engaged” category. They may be generally satisfied but are not cognitively and emotionally connected to their work and workplace.” While engagement is at an all-time high at 34%, and those who are actively disengaged is at an all-time low at 13%; the impact on business is devastating. Companies with engaged employees are more profitable than those with disengaged employees.