How to Drive Sales Performance with Coaching

Sales coaching is typically the exercise of enhancing a professional’s sales performance and skills via consistent involvement and feedback. This insightful piece highlights everything you wanted to know about proper sales coaching and how it can aid in driving excellent sales outcomes. So stick around.

How Sales Coaching Helps In Managing the Sales Successful Revenue

Traditionally, the sales coaching target was to focus on sales tactics to help in generating a higher number and ultimately an improved revenue potential.

According to the findings of a recent study, approximately 51 percent of businesses with a solid sales coaching culture have higher revenue potential than those without. This finding begs the question, how does this happen? Here is how; excellent sales coaching eventually translates into established trust and good sales performance.

When you give each sales representative the attention and time they need, the chances are high that their selling skills will develop. With improved skills, they will sell more products and services. That is where the entire business reaps the benefits.

Benefits of Improved Sales Coaching

If you take care of good sales coaching exercises, it becomes an investment in an asset that will keep delivering results better and better. Typically, sales coaching programs will accomplish the following benefits;

  • It enhances skills and behaviors by offering a forum where sales reps can exercise new behaviors and boost their overall skill sets. It significantly assists in reinforcing a learning and improvement culture.
  • It helps in learning and retention where individuals receive real-time feedback. In addition to providing the theory part of effective sales coaching, sales coaches/sales managers can aid in navigating through current corners and sales conversations.
  • It helps representatives understand and leverage sales enablement tools and resources.
  • Good coaching helps maintain an established trust, thus producing better and more consistent results.
  • It can also help prepare sales representatives for cross-functional collaboration with other departments.
  • A development-oriented sales coaching approach delivers personalized learning and development, thus developing an individual to spot areas for improvement quickly.

Sales Coaching Conversations

While coming up with an idea to move one of the opportunities forward and discussing the need to fill the pipeline are good starting points, there is more regarding these two. Set up an intuitive conversation recording and analysis tool to give sales representatives the coaching and guidance they need to boost sales calls and results. You can analyze sales call conversations while tracking keywords to identify market trends and sharing successful calls for better coaching of current reps and accelerating onboarding for new ones.

And if the sellers need to fill the pipeline, get specific to what exactly they need to do, how much they should prospect every day, when it will happen, and the expected activities and metrics. Additionally, be specific on who else must be involved and whether these activities are the best to assist them in realizing their quarterly or annual targets.

Useful Techniques That Should Be Present While Having A Sales Coaching In Your Team

Adopting the following effective sales coaching techniques can help your team move towards a more self-motivated behavior.

  • Preparation: As both an act and a mindset, preparation is important to sales managers as it helps them get ready for planned coaching sessions to engage members, ask thought-provoking questions, minimize defensiveness, etc.
  • Connecting: learning cannot occur without mutual respect and established trust. So, the human connection between a team member and a manager is powerful in coaching.
  • Evaluating and Mentoring: A clear evaluation of the current situation should be the first step toward improving performance. Then identify strengths and any gap that could represent a chance to improve.
  • Analyzing: Identifying the root problem that prevents the wanted behavior is critical since fixing the wrong issue brings little value.
  • Addressing: The sales coach can address a clear action plan by evaluating and mentoring a team member to determine the best solution.
  • Commitment: Each sales coaching conversation should narrow down to a commitment to specific actions and behaviors that will reinforce performance.
  • Action: This involves a follow-up that should develop an accountability atmosphere while demonstrating a commitment to coaching.

Some Sales Coaching Tips That Improve Results

If you are not getting the improved results you desire from the sales coaching processes, don’t worry. The following sales coaching tips are simple and quick to implement. And they are effective for remote and in-person teams.

  • Focus on your sales representatives’ well-being.
  • Build and maintain an established trust with authentic stories.
  • Ensure you record and review sales calls.
  • While evaluating and mentoring your team members, remember to encourage self-evaluation.
  • Allow your sales representatives to set their own sales performance goals.
  • Target one improvement at a time.
  • Encourage your reps to create individual action plans and hold them accountable.
  • Provide professional development opportunities.

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