Five Tips to being an Inspirational Leader

Although most people value competence as one of the most crucial traits in a good leader, they often overlook inspiration. Inspirational leaders tend to radiate effortless passion and charisma, which is admirable to employees. The ability to inspire can come naturally for some people, whereas, in others, it requires practice just like any other skill. Keep reading to understand more about the importance of inspirational leadership qualities and whether you possess some.

Why It Is Important to Be an Inspirational Leader

A job title does not automatically make a leader inspirational. Therefore, leaders must conduct a self-evaluation routine to gauge their ability to inspire people and performance. To any company, having a team of inspired staff is key to having breakthroughs in the corporate world.

An inspirational leader who is passionate about vision holds power to motivate the whole organization. Statistics show that 38% of new leaders fail due to the inability to motivate their teams. An added advantage of having inspired employees is the absenteeism reduction due to higher commitment levels. Your inspiring ability should establish connection, integrity, and trust between you and your employees as a leader.

Qualities of an Effective Inspirational Leader

Leaders and managers come from all walks of life, and they may work in an office or remotely. Therefore, you can’t have a one-size-fits-all when it comes to leadership qualities. However, you can consider a few traits when learning about leaders that inspire performance.

Below are the five most common traits among leaders who effortlessly inspire and steer their teams towards a stellar performance.

1. Good Listener
Nothing inspires an employee like a boss who listens to their queries and suggestions. As a leader who is a good listener, you demonstrate high emotional intelligence that creates a comfortable working environment. Moreover, listening more and talking only when necessary is a sign that you are a skillful communicator who isn’t frustrating to employees.

2. Authentic and Trustworthy
Inspirational leaders can create a space where there is openness and integrity. This ability boosts your confidence as a leader and gives you a platform to lead by example. Authenticity encourages employees to own up to their mistakes and routinely take responsibility to make amends.

Authenticity and integrity build trust. Employees are very attentive to cues that display trust. To believe in themselves on a project, they must first believe in their leader. A leader who speaks and acts upon the truth inspires people to look up to them.

3. Clear on Vision and Belief
A team of staff craves a leader who is passionate about the vision. As an inspirational leader, you possess the ability to make your team know, understand, and buy into the bigger picture of the company. You should be clear on your belief system, as employees have to see your vision play out in your daily decision-making.

The more clarity you have on your dream, the more likely people are willing to follow.

4. Optimistic
An optimistic leader can inspire performance. Creating a culture of positivity improves the mood of your team in tackling the continuously challenging nature of work and life itself. Knowing how to control your thoughts and attitude as a leader helps you inspire the brighter side in you and makes employees model their enthusiasm after you. Positive energy is infectious.

5. Approachable and Inclusive
Employees want to feel included. Inspirational leaders take the initiative to make people feel connected to actions and processes that play a part in accomplishing goals. Inclusion boosts employees’ energy and makes them look forward to the following tasks and projects you administer as the leader.

Instead of using fear-based tactics to lead, it is more effective to make employees feel safe talking to you and approaching you with their concerns. The ability to welcome and accommodate mistakes makes you showcase warmth and humanity instead of a flat, politically correct tone.

How Great Leaders Inspire the Whole Organization

An inspirational leader’s influence is essential to professional growth. Research shows that most companies with inspirational leaders have an increased competitive edge. In addition, these companies frequently come up with newer innovations that directly result from inspired and motivated employees.

On the other hand, institutions with little or no inspired leadership report more fund embezzlement, employee conflict, and employer-employee termination of contracts.

Examples of famous people who possess and display inspirational leadership are Former US President Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Coco Chanel, Margaret Thatcher, Indira Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Jr. Great leaders seem to be the exception and not the rule. Will you be one of those great leaders?